I am webmaster of the following websites, the main website for the translation company Idiomatic Language Services S.L. The Spanish version for Spanish translations into other languages is The Catalan translation company site is is the language school based in Girona. We teach all languages, including Catalan, Spanish, English among many others. is a site that describes the Llemena Valley, also in the province of Girona. There are recipes, outings, gardening tips, local heritage, etc.. is a classic car website in Catalan for the Catalan market.

Girona Business is a project to help attract business to Girona and also help new business owners to Girona network. I have always had an interest in the wine making process and the final result. Checking the cork when you open a bottle reveals a lot more than meets the eye!

Helping maintain Idiomatic Brasil, Idiomatic Italy, Idiomatic Romania, Idiomatic Southafrica

My projects

Classic Double Decker Bus

Restoring a classic English double decker bus is something that helps me wind down and switch off from the day to day activities such as teaching and running the language school and the translation business.

It's a Leyland Titan PD3/14 we brought back to Girona from Wales. It was new to Stockport Corporation in 1969 and was acquired from Greater Manchester PTE in 1982.

More info here

Catalan Hunter

I have been helping my friend Marc Tarrús setup his poetry project called Catalan Hunter, and showed hi the way to publish his books on amazon.

Gardening project. More on this to follow once it can be divulged.

Helping "Els Amics del Català" in their new project